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A high school diploma can be obtained through Adult Education.  Any student over the age of 16 can earn a high school diploma through this program.  Credits can be earned through the Edgenuity program (online), work study, military experience, and internships.  

A diploma will be awarded when the Utah State Civics Test is passed and 24 credits are earned in the following areas:


4 credits


3 credits


3 credits

Social Studies (includes .5 credit Financial Lit)

3.5 credits

Information Technology

.5 credit

Healthy Lifestyles

2 credits

Career and Technical Education

1 credit

Fine Arts

1.5 credits


5.5 credits


24 credits

A $100 fee in the form of a personal check, cashier's check or money order will be charged for all students who enroll in Adult Education.  Students must provide proof of Utah residency.  

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